Optimize your adsense ads and earn double

In blogging world there is a common question - I have had visitors, but it is not expected that click on the ads? How many times was the personal questions I faced. Today, I am trying to get rid of you from from this problem.

How many visitors do you get a day? 300 or 400 people (unique), or page impression 1000 or 2000? But just getting click on ads only 20,30 or 50 at maximum. I would to say that you can ads clicked more than 120 in a day with only 1000 page impression and 400 visitors. Do not believe? Please check if it happens this time -

If  you can put your ads your site / blog  appropriately then you will get more click on your ads. This is how you put ads on you site appropriately?Leta see-

1. Blog / site content (text) and color (color) and your ads color (text) should be same.

2. Blog / site background color and your ads background color should be same

3. Put your ads link address just below of your site link bar. This will work great. In this place you will probably get much click on ads.

4. Don’t put your ads below of your content image. For this reason you can lose your adsense.

5. You can put your site in such a way that wherever the visitors see he / she can see an ads.

6. Try to use less gadgets, because it takes time to load the site and the ads lost its visibility  in gadgets.

7. At the beginning of posts put an ads. Probable size (336 X and 300 X 80 or 50) put this either on the rightside or left side. Or you can place the ads of this size (468 X 60) at the beginning of post, for this your ads should be placed on base.

8. At the end of the post you can place an ads..the probable ads size (336 X and 300 X 80 or 50) put this either on the left side of the middle seat.

9. Try to use a template which has 2 columns. And the sidebar should be on right side. A visitor generally shift right away when reading a blog. If you are using 3 columns template then fill up the left side with some gadgets and fill up the right side with gadget and ads.Ads should be placed in between of gadgets..

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