Screen Sharing on SKYPE

When we communicate with other people over the web sometimes the best way to explain things to someone is sharing screen.
Though there are various online and desktop screen sharing tools available but SKYPE is the most used tools for video calling or audio calling. Because on Skype one can talk, send file or chat without money. So if you have Skype installed then your purpose would be solved. Let’s see how to do it.

·      AT first, open Skype, login to your account.
·     Then make a call to whomever you want. You have to remember that you can’t share your screen with any random person. The person should be under your contract list.

·         Then click on “+” mark and after that click on “share screens” button.

·         Click on start button. That is how your screen will be shared.

·         To stop screen sharing, click on Sharing stop.

Screen sharing is used for various purposes like, for any discussion about any issue in your computer, collaboration purpose and many more. hats all for today..Thank you!

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