Be careful while purchasing a new mobile!!

When we purchase a new handset there is something we should check in. Otherwise we may have troubles later. Let’s check what that is…

Many people have mobiles that can’t show high resolution images. Why? Answer is simple. Either their display is small or it doesn’t have that ability.
Now you tell me do you want to have a mobile what can’t show even a 1600 X1200 size image! Of course not!  But how to understand that?

Send a high resolution photo to that mobile from a computer of that store & check its clarity. If it is clear enough then ok. Then check its brightness, color. Now open a browser & type there to check the font size. Is it clear or not?
These days everyone wants mobile that has touch screen. It’s totally “in” now!! So let’s know how to check it at the time of purchasing.
Open message option or notepad from your desirable mobile. Now think about something what you can type in 1 minute. And start typing. Stop after 1 minute.

Did it co-ordinate well with your typing? If yes, then it’s fine. Otherwise you should rethink of purchasing it.
Let’s examine it too.
Take some picture with that camera. Select proper color & full size. Now all you have to do is to check that pic very carefully. If you are satisfied enough with its quality, take it! Don’t forget to check its video in the same way. And of course make sure about the pixel. 

Sometimes it is written 6 or 7 mega pixel there but actually it is not.
This is just what we are looking for. An out dated mobile is nothing but a trash. Where a stylish & updated mobile makes you more fashionable and trendy!!

 So when you are purchasing one. Don’t be panic. Think carefully and choose a perfect one that matches your personality.
We don’t pay much attention to warranty or money receipt while purchasing. But later these things are mostly needed.

 So at the time of purchasing your mobile check guaranty, warranty, money receipt, how long charge lasts etc.
All these things will be fruitless if mobile doesn’t get sufficient network coverage. So it is very important to check internet, network etc.

Play a video on that mobile. Is it running well? Watch out the time between opening and playing the video because it will tell you the speed of processor.

Now open some apps from mobile setup & keep capturing video. If processor stops there or mobile turns off for a while then it is mentioned that the processor is not good enough.
 I like listening music, FM radio over phone. I think most of us do. So if sound quality is not satisfactory it will ruin everything else too.

Hence, open mp3 player & play a song with full volume. Also check that sound through headphone. If you like it then what else!!!

So friends..enjoy with your new handset!!

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