Easy way to search in Google

Google search engine is very popular for internet users. It will be easier to find anything on net, if we try some tricks. Here we will discuss about some tips and tricks about the easy way to find our quest.
  • If we want to know about the meaning or definition of anything, then we should write down the word ‘define’ before the word which we want to search. For example, if we want to know the meaning of website, then we should write define website.
  • If we want to see our result on pdf file, then after writing the word, we should write the file type: pdf.
  • You can know easily, whether any other link is connected with your webpage or not. Just type ‘link:’ before your webpage or blog and click search. You will get your desired result.
  • Mathematical problem also can be solved with the help of Google search. Type your required problem and click search.
  • If you want to search about the weather, then type the name of the specific area and search.

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