Find lost files of pendrive

 Sometimes files can’t found in the pendrive because of computer virus. But if you go to the properties option of the pendrive, you will find those files in the memory. Moreover, you will find shortcut files instead of the main copies. If you face these types of problems, then you have to do the following-
  • Go to the start menu, then go to, all programme/accessories/notepad and type the following keywords accurately-

attrib -h -r -s /s /d DRIVE LETTER:\*.*

del *.lnk /f/s/q
del *.exe /f/q
del Autorun.inf /f/q

From the above you have to change only the drive letter. Go to my computer and check out what is the drive letter. And type the letter instead of ‘drive letter’. Keep unchanged the other signs. Save the file as ‘unhide.bat’. A new file will be formed automatically named ‘unhide’. Open this, after you open this file it will automatically closed in a while. Then open your pendrive and you will find the lost files. It will remove some harmful file by itself. Just like autorun.inf file, the files of exe extension and other shortcut viruses.

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