Freelancing + PTC sites = the profit\loss & the unawareness of people

Online earning is very popular among our new generation. Freelancing is one of the ways of online earning. Do we know what’s the meaning of it? It means working independently in any company. Which doesn’t provide any fixed salary. According to the type of the work, ask price is fixed. And the interested person can bid a price. then the work is done by the consent of both parties. You can bid for that work in which you are expert. Here which company was the intermediary between you and your employer, the company will charge comission, the Govt. and the financing institutions will also charge their comission. After paying these, the rest is your earning. I don’t know whether the readers will agree to me or not. But most of the freelancing companies do this kind of jobs.

Now, coming to the PTC. What is that? Let me explain with an example, everyday we see a lots of advertaisment. And from those a lots of lines, or sentence touches our heart. Suppose I like an ad of a company. But the company doesn’t know my feelings. But if I like that comment by any PTC site, then that specific company will certainly know about my outlook. And will pay me by the PTC site.
People who works in PTC sites, are criticized. I also think, this is not the place of talented people.
In Bangladesh, unemployment problem is increasing day by day. People are being harassed politically in everywhere. They are giving tax, but ain’t getting any facilities. People can’t earn their livings by earning in the right way. In this situations many company has arises and started to make people fool. But the authority doesn’t give any attention to prevent this. And people are being cheated.
So we have to raise our voice against these PTC sites as well as the supporters of these site!!

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