From the beginning till now of facebook

Now-a-days facebook has become a part & parcel of our life. If you ask even a school boy about his activity on internet he will answer you with spending time on facebook. We spend several hours a day on face book. But do we know its beginning? We all know of Mark Zuckerberg founded it. He launched it in February, 2004. But do we know the name of facebook at that time? Or, how it looked like at the very beginning?
Let’s recall those days.....

facebook on 2004

facebook on 2005

year of 2006

Year of 2007 & 2008 though we are familiar with this look.

On 2010 with a huge change

 On 2011 and many people still using it

At last timeline came
This is our facebook! It was named as at the beginning. Later “the” has  removed.

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