‘I-pad’ – the newest device of APPLE

Apple has disclosed their latest tablet device. The discloser has occurred last 7march in a program in San-Francisco.
Now a day’s the whole world is acquainted with I-pad. Everyone was thinking that the name of this device would be I-pad3, I-pad HD, I-pad 2x etc. but all the imaginations have left behind. And Apple has named it only ‘I-PAD’.
Let’s see what changes have been done on this newest device.

As you see in the picture there has been mentioned difference of the high definition retina between the 1024x768 pixel display of I-pad2 and 2048x1536 pixel display of new I-pad. Apple has said, “Pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels.” So it can be easily said that this stunning advantage of the new I-pad is going to be eye-catching to the users!! Rayan block has updated in twitter after get the I-pad on his hand, ‘It’s the best display I’ve ever seen. Anywhere, period.’
Though the new I-pad looks like its old version, but there is a huge difference among the hardware’s. In this new I-pad, an extremely swift processor has been added. This is called ‘quad-core’ 1 gigahertz apple A5x. Apple states that this processor is 2times powerful in processing and 4times powerful in graphics rendering than the A5CPU used in the I-pad 2.


 Voice dictation advantage has been included in the I-pad. In the older versions this work had been done by voice activated personal assistant, named ‘siri’. But in the new version you just need to press on the microphone icon of the virtual keyboard. I-pad supports American, British, and Australian English, Japanese, French, and German language for the voice dictation temporarily.


The another surprise of this new I-pad is the 5 mega pixel rare facing isight camera which can make video shoot of 1080p hd. I-pad2 had a camera of 7 mega pixel, which used to provided-with 720p video recording. The personal photo editing software of apple ‘iphoto’ can be used for I-pad now. By using this application, users can get the benefits of photo editing, giving different surprising effect, sending pictures to the different device, Icloud and sharing the photo in the social networking site. If anyone wants to make photo journal, he can make it easily with this application. Moreover digital scrap book can be made in which users can attach map, notes etc. this application will cost most probably $5.

4G light connectivity benefit has been included in I-pad. 4G works in 10times speed than 3G by data networking. I-pad also supports 3G data networking besides 4G.

The new I-pad has bought an excellent feature name ‘personal hotspot’. It can connect with other 5 devices by the wifi, blue tooth, and USB cable.
Powerful battery is needed for retina display, 4G connectivity and other contemporary benefits. The authority of apple didn’t avoid this. It has a powerful battery which will make a back up of almost 10hours. That means you can run the I-pad continuously almost 10 hours by charging 1time.
There are some more application in I-pad as built in. they are, safari, mail, messages, photos, news stand, up store, I tunes, videos, maps, music, game centre, photo booth, you tube, contacts, remainders, calendar, notes, camera. Moreover in the up store there is a huge collection of applications.

Price of I-pad including only WiFi :
  •  16 GB –$ 499 
  •   32 GB – $599
  • 64 GB - $699 
Price of I-pad having 4G : 
  •   16 GB – $629
  • 32 GB – $729
  • 64 GB – $829

These were a little information about the I-pad. Hope this is going to be useful for all.

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