Instagram is not available on Google store

Instagram is a popular app of capturing & sharing photo of Apple I-phone. When Android users heard the launch of Instagram on Android, they were just counting the days. At last it has released on Google play formally. But many users did not find it on that day!! This news is collected from The Next Web.
We know, to download any app of Android operating system of Google it needs to go to Android market, recently what is named Google play. Next Web said persons who searched for Instagram on Google play continuously 5hours after launching it; they got other apps like Instagram in the beginning. That means, though there should be “Instagram official app” on the top of the result page, Google took 5 hours to update it.
As a result, many users have downloaded different apps what have similar name with Instagram but only purpose of those is being downloaded more. This problem has been seen on Google play from both Android device & computer browser.
But after that Instagram has been placed on the top of that result page- said The Next Web.

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