Now hack your friend's compuetr and have fun

Guyzz how are you all? Today I am going to tell you about an interesting software, which you can make easily. After making the software you just click on this. Everytime when you start your PC, it will shut down by itself automatically. This is nothing but only for learning. If you get stuck by clicking on it. Then you can get rid out of this. Follow the procedure-
  • At first go to, Start > All program > startup. Then the startup folder will open as blank.

  • Then click on the folder. You can click anywhere of the folder.
  • Go to the desktop and go to, New > shortcut. Then click on the ‘create the shortcut window’.
  • You will find a typebox in the shortcut window, type the following codes on that box.
  • C:\Windows\System32\logoff.exe  ( you can put another drive instead of c drive.)
  • Click on ‘next’ and go to the startup folder, you will find a shortcut file named logoff.exe
  • Click on this and restart your PC. You are done!

Now whenever you turn on your PC, it will shutdown itself.

Ways to remove it-

While starting up your computer, press on F8. It will help your computer to be in safe mode.
Go to the startup folder and delete the file ‘logoff.exe’. Then restart your computer. It will be as same as before!

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