Now get your victim's all information by using keylogger

Here we will discuss about using of keylogger.  We will do it with Ultimate Logger. So let’s start it.
At first download the file from here. Then UNZIP the downloaded file & open it.

Now follow the image you are seeing below and do what is instructed there.

When E-mailing will be successful by clicking on TEST MAIL then come to 2nd period. Name your file. And decide a fixed time in which distance the program will send you information. See the image below.

Next options are your personal choice. If you use it to victimize anybody then you will be responsible for it… not me! :)
Here is little more description about those options.
After finishing the work click this button

Then save it and give that saved file to your victim. If the program is executed by him then the program will keep mailing you after the specified time whatever your victim will type on his keyboard. And that is how you will get his E-mail password and many more things you expected!

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