Who is liable for the sudden automatic shutdown of your computer

Today I am writing about a very simple matter. There are many hardware of computer. Just like, hard disk, RAM, mother board etc. but the main part of a computer is ‘power supply’. In our country many electrical goods are being destroyed because of the ups and downs of the voltage. The main reason of this damage is electrical supplement system. Sometimes our computers stop working and shut down automatically. In that situation we normally check the mother board, RAM, and other connections. But we don’t think about the power supply. If your computer faces the same problem, then beside the normal check up you should take your computer in the service center. They will check either your power supply is properly working or not. If needed you should resettle a new and high-quality power supply.

I am the victim of this situation. That’s why I am saying so. I have lost a hard disk, and a mother board. Then I changed my power supply and now everything is going good!! Power supply keeps the computer active by supplying various voltages in various points. If there is too much ups and downs in the voltage, the parts can’t work properly. As a result, power supply fails to provide the needed voltage in the points. And it causes harmful affect on the other parts of the computer.
So friends…………… if you are facing problem like this, then firstly suspect the power supply!!! 

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