Story of a magical boy

He is Wasik Farhan rupkatha. A boy, aged 5 years only. Bangladesh association of software and information services has admitted him as the youngest programmer of the world.
One of the top industrialists in Bangladesh heard about him, and invited him with parents to check the authenticity of the news. After coming to the office, rupkatha were taken in front of a computer for operating this. After a while he went to the search option, wrote down the name of the company and wrote a code under the name. Then he pressed enter. Soon after that, a page was seen on the monitor. It was the first page of a top secret project file of the company. Everybody was stunned seeing this matter! The code which was used by the boy was secret to all, except two top level administrators of that company. The industrialist recognized the talent of rupkatha. And by appreciating his talent, he gave him a high-tech laptop instantly. 

Wasim Farhan, father of rupkatha told that rupkatha’s profile is going to be added in the Guinness book of world record. He already has an agreement with the authority about this matter. On the new publication of ripli’s publishers they will include various exertions of this amazing boy.
He is already making different games and programs. He downloads various gaming software, install it by him and work with them. He has started to work with computer when he was seven! It seems like a magical story. Let’s have a look on this story –

Sinthiya Farhin Risha, mother of Rupkatha is a house-maker. Playing computer games is her hobby from her childhood. During her pregnancy she used to get busy all the day in playing games. But she never thought that, her expected child would ever create computer games. Rupkatha was born on 27 January 2006. After his birth, her mother used to play games by holding him on her arms. The most incredible thing happened when he was only about 7 months. Rupkatha was on Risha’s arms. Soon after she sat in front of the computer, rupkatha connect the internet by typing the password which his mother types regularly!! Without having the knowledge of alphabets he did that accurately! At the age of two, he started writing in the Ms Word. As the days passed by, rupkatha’s closeness with computer grows higher.

Everyday rupkatha passes almost 12 hours with computer. He can’t sleep without listening music or playing games in the computer. Window’s opening music is his favorite. Rupkatha doesn’t go to school yet. His parents said that this is not so necessary at this moment.
Risha says, after getting up from bed in the morning rupkatha spends a few times with computer in the balcony. Then he takes breakfast and starts working on the compute again. This work continues till late night. Sometimes risha has to turn off the main switch of the power supply and gives the cause of load shedding.

Games and programming:
Mig 29, Hercules, Age of mythology, super Mario 64, lock on, prince of Persia, air conflicts, star defender etc are favorite games of rupkatha. He is also expert in internet browsing and sending E-mail. He can prepare the project tool, without any educational instruction he is doing C and C++ programming. 

Rupkatha in mass media:
Rupkatha’s exertion has spread out all over the world. World news agency has declared rupkatha as the youngest computer programmer. Moreover California observer, New York Times and many other top level news media have published articles about this magical boy!! Wasim said that, rupkatha has already become model for various mass media.
Wasim was asked to tell about the future planning of his son. He replied that, he wants his son to be stable in Bangladesh. If the government pays attention it will be possible. Otherwise rupkatha will have to go to any developed country like US. Wasim thinks that, one day his son would be able to make any surprising discovery about the cosmography.

All the good wishes for rupkatha… god bless him.

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