Check the safety of the website.

Sometimes we are invited to click on websites about which we know nothing. There are possibilities of being attacked by malware if we click on those websites. If we have to go such kind of unrecognized sites, then we should check the site if it is safe or not. For this, we have to follow the given procedure-

  •   At first, close all the browser and messenger from your PC
  • Go to control panel and click on internet.
  • Then go to internet properties > security tab.
  •   Now you will see an option- allowed level for this zone: all.  You will see a scale below the option, which indicates the medium level of security.
  • Now drag the scale line upward, by using the right button of your mouse. The scale will show you the high level of security.
  • You should have to click on trusted site, if you don’t want to open any browser on your PC.
  • Now you will find Add this website to the zone. You have to add the site, which you want to check
  •   Now click on add, and close the second dialogue box.
  • Finally click on the internet properties.

Now you can use internet more freely.

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