Does your anti-virus really work?check it here

Does your anti-virus really work? It can be proved only 1 minute. Everybody is having troubles with anti-virus these days. Actually there is lots of anti-virus what do not work properly. Here is the process of checking anti-virus. Try it!

***Save the following code in a notepad & name the file. If your anti-virus can detect it as a virus & rename or delete the file then you can understand your anti-virus really works! 


Note: - This is actually not any virus, it is just logic of virus, it will not harm your PC at all. You can delete it as a normal file. I am assuring you again...don't worry of this's totally harmless for your PC.
My anti-virus detected it; I am adding a picture below.
 My anti-virus renames the file after detecting it, check out the picture below.

 So what are you waiting for?? Just give it a try!
Antivirus Protection said...

I have copy this content and save it as,when i execute this file my antivirus suggest me to delete this file.This trick to check antivirus is working really works.

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