Download all the images at a time

While browsing internet, we save many pictures. But we can’t save more than one picture at a time. We have to save those pictures one by one. Firefox users have a solution for this problem. You just need a small add-on and you can save all the pictures of a page by a single click.
Name of the add-on is save_images-0.6.3-fx-win.xpi
Download it from here.
Then restart the firefox and go to tools. You will see an option save image. Now at the right side of this image you will find many options. From those you have to choose current tabs.
At first go to Google search from here.

 Then search for any image. After that, you will be asked the recommended drive where you want to save the images. As soon as you confirm the drive in which you want to save your images, you will be notified that almost 20/25 images have saved at once.

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