Get easy solution of sending large files via E-mail

Trying to send a file via email? But cannot do it because of the large size of the file? Here I am assuring you, if you really want to send the file, size wouldn’t be a problem there. Another problem arises when attaching any software or games. Because mail service providers assume if it is virus attached! This problem can be solved by Dropboox. For free download….go here. 

  • Now go to Dropbox folder. There will be a folder named public in it. Put the file you want to send in public folder. Or to send whole folder, zip it.
  • Now wait until the upload is complete. When you will see a green check mark next to the file or folder that means upload is complete.
  • Put your cursor on that folder, click on right button and select copy public link from Dropbox menu.
  • Now enter your mail ID and go to compose mail or new mail. Paste that public link. And tell your receiver to click on that link to download the file.
  • Interestingly, if you want to attach or detach something more there without changing the file name, you don’t need to mail that again. Because that time also your recipient will be able to download by clicking on previous link.
Isn’t it easy?

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