How to boot and install successfully of Linux OS

 Boot from Pen-drive
    1) Using UNetBootin
It is e very familiar USB Creators. You can easily create a bootable Linux Pen-drive by it.
 Using method:


  1. Download UNetBootin for Windows.
  2. Download your favorite Linux ISO (if you do not have it downloaded). 
  3. Double click on UNetBootin program to open it.
  1. Click on Diskimage radio box.
     2.  Select ISO file by browsing.
     3.  Set USB drive.
     4.  Click OK to start the work.
     2) Using Universal USB Installer
It’s almost like UNetBootin. Just need to select Linux Distribution.

Step 1: press next to select Distribution.
Step 2: browse the ISO file to select it.
universal USB installer
 Step 3: select USB Flash drive.
Step 4: press Create to start the work.
universal USB installer

     3) Using Linux Live USB Creator
It is better for booting from Live CD Pen-drive. Because, it checks the ISO files first to see if it is on live mode. Another interesting thing is it updates auto name & version.

Linux live USB creator

Using method:
  1. Download Linux Live USB Creator & install on your pc.
  2. Run LiLi USB Creator.exe from Linux Live USB Creator Folder. 
  3. Follow first five rules from menu. 
  4. If all work done correctly then your pen-drive will be prepared for Live Booting.
  1. Using YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator.
It is popular for multibooting. Its usage is easy too.    


Using method:
  1. Run YUMI-0.0.x.x.exe & follow the onscreen instructions. 
  2. For adding more ISOs/Distributions, press ISOs/Distributions Now >yes from Add More on the dialog box that will appear after first one is done. 
  3. Or, if you don’t need more press NO & then finish. 
  4. Restart for booting. 
  5. Next, select your needed destro from boot menu & boot it.
YUMI boot

    2.   Using XBOOT – Multiboot ISO/USB Creator

Download, extract and run the latest version of  XBOOT
  1. Drag the ISO files & put them in XBOOT window.
  2. Click on Create USB. 
    3.  Select USB Drive from Droplist.
    4.  Select a Bootloader.
    5.  Click OK to start.
XBOOT-select USB drive-Bootloader -create

A copy notification window will be shown. The pen drive will be bootable after completing copy process.

XBOOT is working

Run Your LiveCD directly on Windows
Using MobaLiveCD
It is almost similar with VirtualBox. But here the advantage is, it is very tiny in size & don’t need to install.
MobaLiveCD key features:
  • No need to burn CD.
  • You can use the right-click menu for an easy and fast start.
  • It works even without installation.
  • So easy to execute.
  • It is a Light & portable application & its size is 1.6MB only.
      Download here
MobaLiveCD interface


That’s all. Hope this post will help you guys!


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