How to recover hacked facebook account

Hacking facebook ID is a common phenomenon these days. Anyone can become a victim of it through any scheme or apps. Or, for having weak password. & if the hacker changes your password too after hacking. Is there really any way to recover that ID? Yess, here I am sharing some ways.

Recovery of hacked ID:

Step- 1: Enter to from address bar. 
Step- 2: Click on My Account Is Compromised.

Step- 3: There will be three options to identify your ID from Identify Your Account.

  • Email or phone number, 
  • Facebook username 
  • Email or phone number.

Provide required information in any one of these three & click on search button.

Step- 4: Enter captcha letters in Security Check option.
step-5: There will be your account with username & picture, click on This Is My Account.

step- 6: Enter the password you used.
step- 7: If facebook got all your provided information correct then it will provide you next steps. Go properly forward, hope these steps will help to get your ID back!

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