Keylemon: A software which recognizes your face.

Set your image as the password of your PC! That means, whenever you will sit in front of your PC it will be unlocked.

For this, you have to download a software named key lemon v.2.6.1. This software mainly recognizes your image and set it as password. So if anyone else want to unlock the computer, he will fail.
Some specialties of this software:
  • It recognizes the commanded image too fast.
  • You just have to sit infront of the PC, do not need to give any password.
  • If anyone want to unlock your computer without informing you, then this software capture the image of that person and show you later.
  • You can give more than one image to unlock the computer.

Key Lemon System requirements:
Operating systems:
Windows XP Sp2/Sp3
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Minimum hardware requirements:
Pentium 500 MHz (Recommended: Pentium 1GHz or greater)
100 MB RAM (Recommended: 128 MB RAM or greater)
50 MB hard drive space
USB webcam or integrated webcam (laptop)
The download link of this software is given on If you want to download it from there, you have to sign up there. I am giving you the following email address and password for your convenience.
pass: afikur12345
Click here to download the software (for windows 7 and vista users)
Click here to download the software (for XP users)
Ways to download:

At first go to the link then you will see the option sign in on the right side of the page. Using the given email and password sign in there. Do not close this tab. Go to the given link again and click on download. After 20seconds your download will be started. 
Ways to set up:
·         Windows 7 users set up the software normally and fix your desired model.
·         XP users have to set up at first. Then, paste the crack file in the set up directory.

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