"Pocket Switch"- a new solution of load shedding

Load shedding is one of the curses for Bangladesh. Whatever the amount of electricity production is, we are suffering for load shedding also for wasting electricity regularly. When you are reading this article, perhaps there is running light or fan unneeded at your home or office. But because you are not near it, you can’t stop it. This unnecessarily wasting of electricity causes more load shedding. Our little awareness can make a huge difference in this case. On the basis of this concept some students of Patuakhali University of Science and Technology of Bangladesh have invented “Pocket Switch”. With this device your mobile can become your switch. In other words, you can control any electrical equipment of your home/office through a windows supported mobile. You will be able to protect a devastating accident. You can even know, whether there is any fan or light is running unneeded at your home/office?

Pocket switch is nothing but a software-based project invented by a three-member team “Zero Hour”. Rejoyan, a team member said, “we made it to get relief from load shedding. We want to prevent any loss of electricity & everybody could get the benefit of electricity. Especially the people of the coastal region are deprived from electricity. We'd like to spread the light among them. We believe this attempt will help to achieve “Vision 2012”.”

The other member Mahfuz said, “Our project can also be used in remote controlled fire extinguisher.” He reminded about the fire incident happened in Bashundhara City market fire three years ago, “The market had its own fire extinguishing system still it fall victims of a devastating fire. If there was any remote control fire maintaining system the loss can be reduced, I guess.”

What will the cost of creating the project? In response, another team member Hira said, "It will not cost more than Tk. 200. So little cost indeed! But this little amount will prevent the misuse of electricity, save you from devastating fire incident & many more which is just unimaginable!" Mentioning about its technical side team “zero hour” said it is an app for windows mobile phone.

 “Zero hour” competed with more than 300 teams in “Microsoft Imagine cup-2012” & took 10th place. Zero hour believes this project will win the whole world one day!

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