System ninja: makes your system speedier

 We are here with a fast, powerful, and effective system optimization solution for windows XP, windows vista and windows 7. It is system ninja, a 1.91 MB software. It will remove junk files, other unwanted file and will improve your system speed. Furthermore, you can scan the entire hard drive or just a folder of your preference. You can download it from here. After that, install the program and give a double click on the icon, which is shown on your desktop. Now you will find as the following figure-

Click on the junk scanner. Then you will get scan drive. Click on it, select ‘drive C, and let it continue. After a while, scanning will be completed. Then click on delete everything. You will find your system speedier. Moreover, you will get Startup Manager, Process Manager, System Analysis, and Utilities. Let’s see something about system analysis. Click on this icon and it will show like the following-
You will find information regarding your hard drives, processor, logical disks, motherboard, BIOS, and operating system.

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