Want to be a successful blogger? Learn here about WordPress.com & be one of them( part-3)

This is the third part of this tutorial & in this part I will try to let you know about the admin part of WordPress. Friends..who missd previous parts can check out here.
Let's start for today-

Introduction of dashboard:

Dashboard is actually the homepage of the admin part of your blog. There are 8 options in total on dashboard menu.

First page:
This is the homepage of your dashboard. You can see the statistics of total posts of your blog, comments, categories, tags, etc. from here. You can also see recent comments, most recent drafts you have made & quick press (soon to publish a post) etc. here.
Comments I've Made :

Here you can see your total comments over WordPress in any post. Click here for more details.
Readomattic :
It is one of the ex-feature of WordPress.com. So, not going to explain much about it. Click here for more details if you want.
Site Stats :
This is a very important feature. This is mainly a plugin. WordPress.com. gives it as default. You can check total visitors of your blog, daily visitors, daily pageview, most viewd posts list, which site referred the visitor to your home, which external links are clicked by your visitors, which was the keyword that directed the visitor to your site from search engine, total follower, sharer etc. through this feature.

Akismet Stats :
It is also a plugin which has been given there. You can check the spamming statistics of your blog through it. Many may not know about spam. Spam is unwanted comments on your blog. Suppose a visitor post any link or something bad for business purpose or for his own interest, that would be spam.
My blogs:
You can open more than one blog at WordPress.com. This option allows you to change your blog address, transfer, or you can also register a new blog.
Blogs I Follow :
If you follow any other blog of wordpress.com blog then you can check that from here. If you follow any blog then you will be mailing whenever there will be any new post. If you want to unfollow any blog that would also be possible from here
Connections :
You can use a variety of third party applications from WordPress.com. You can manage these third party apps from this option. Click here to learn more.
Read the following parts of this tutorial here...if you face any difficulties..let me know that. I will try to help you!

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