Women or men? Who are more addicted to facebook?

Facebook addiction is increasing in young generation. And girls are one step ahead on this matter-Known from British daily Guardian.
It is known from a research that took place among 423 students of Norwegian University of Bergen. The research was to observe facebook users behavior. The students were divided into six categories. Like, those who use Facebook much less time and those who used to always log on to facebook. In these way users psychological behavior is categorized. And it is seen that girls are more into facebook than boys. Scientists also said the students who are addicted to facebook their behavior are similar with alcoholic.
They said, this addiction is seen in young generation more than adults. Especially who spends more leisure times. And the level of their addictive behaviors is increasing with their increasing level of addiction. In addition, they also mentioned that women are at more risk of this addiction than boys.
People who feels socially insecure and suffer from mental stress their level of dependency on Facebook is more than others. Facebook is popular as a means of communication to them.
Moreover, psychologists said, people who are workaholic and busy have low level of affection on facebook and at lower risk of addiction.
Furthermore facebook has been also blamed for the increasing rate of divorce in USA. It is seen that in each three separation of USA, facebook is directly involved at least one of them.

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