Connectify : creating your laptop as wifi hotspot

Now you can make your wifi laptop as a router and connect other devices through it. If you are using windows 7, then you will have to download a software for this service. Name of the software is connectify. You can use it on the windows XP also.
Let’s see how to work with this:
  • At first download and install the software from the following link.
  • after the installation, restart your laptop. check hat, whether your wifi is connected or not. If not, then connest it. Now you will have to give a name and a password. Using that users can login to the wifi hotspot.
  • Now choose the internet option. If you use broadband/ dial up connection, then choose Local Area Network. And if you use modem, then choose modem.
  • After that press the button named start hotspot.
  • Now turn on the mobile or laptop from which you want to use your internet. Search for wifi and select your wifi hotspot. After that, login to the internet by giving the password.
Let us know if it worked or not.

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