Recover all deleted Hard Disk partitions/drives

Have you lost the partitions of your hard disk? The entire hard drive is raw now? What to do in this situation? Is it possible to get back your hard disk just like you had it before! Yes, it is. Let’s discuss how to do that.
What is the reason of deleting the partition / drives?
 If your PC turns off accidently in the mean time of formatting hard disk, creating partition, resizing partition, restoring partition, etc. or before the end of the whole process then the drives can be deleted & hard disk becomes raw.
How to understand that drives has been deleted?
If you can’t boot your operating system & instead of that it is showing some irritating message like- Disk Failure, No disk, HDD not detected. Etc. Even there is no drive showing on drive list after installing new operating system. And there is no result after done with bootable CD then you can be sure your drives have been deleted! In this situation don’t try to create partition, resizing partition, restoring partition, formatting etc. if you really want to recover all data of your hard disk. Even don’t try to install new operating system. Just try to recover your data first.
Which software can help you?
You can use Partition Wizard Home Edition for it. It is free! Its current name is MiniTool Partition Wizard. There are several versions of it. We will use home edition here.
For downloading it go to the download page of MiniToolPartition Wizard. On the footer of that page you will get the file of bootable CD below the text- Free Download Bootable CD Now! This is for Bootable CD. & the link to download will be the right side of the page below the text Link.
This software has many benefits. Like:
  • It is free.
  • If you have this software you can be tension free for any kind of partition pro
  • It works in all type of windows version. It is able to work with the help of bootable CD when there is no operating system.

How to recover deleted partition/drive:
Here I am using Hiren’s boot CD15.1 version. If you use this CD then at first enter the CD into the CDROM. Select Mini Windows XP from first menu, press enter & wait until desktop appears.

Now double click on HBCD Menu. Open Partition Wizard Home Edition from menu.
And those who use Partition Wizard Home Edition CD they will get the menu like below.
You have to use the option Boot from Partition Wizard Boot Disk. It will forward you to homepage automatically within 10sec.
1.  Select hard disk from here.
2.  Click on Partition Recovery Wizard.
3.  Wizard will appear with welcoming you. Click on Next.
4.  Click on Next.
5.  Now click on Next after selecting full disk.
6.  There will be several options- Full scan, quick scan etc. select quick scan. It will save your time. Full scan is needed for complex situation. Click on Next.
7.  Now all of your deleted drives will show up. Make sure all of them is there & click on Finish. & if there is still something left behind then go back & try to scan again. Even try full scan if needed.
8.  After finishing it again homepage will show up with all of your drives & details of them.
9.  Rename all drives. To do those select the drive. Click on label & give a new name.

10.  Click on Apply.
11.  A warning message will appear. It will warn you not to turn off your PC while the process will be running on. Click on Yes.
12.  Processing will start now. Wait a while. It will take 10-15 minutes depends on the size of your hard disk.
13.  Successful message will show up after finishing it.
14.  Sometimes there may come a message like below. That time click on Restart now.
If you use Partition Wizard Home Edition then your PC will restart automatically. Or if you use Hiren’s boot CD then you have to restart manually.

Now turn out the boot CD from CDROM & try to boot from hard disk. I hope you will be successful. Run check disk or Scandisk after getting all drives back.
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