How to create a free WordPress blog using Cpanel- part 3

How are you all? This is the third part of my tutorial. Go here fro previous parts. Here we are going to discuss about installing WordPress. Let’s do it!
Who wants to install Bangla config of WordPress download that from here.
And the English config of wordpress can be downloaded from here.
At first click here & put your user and password & log in.
Then open file Manager.
After that, select your domain & click on Go.
Delete the files shown below.
Click on upload.
Click on Browse.
Then click on the WordPress to open what you have downloaded from here.
It will start uploading. Wait until it completed.
Reload the previous page of it after upload is been completed.
Then select the file & click on extract.
Click on close. Reload it so you will find all files.
Open your domain. A page will appear there like following. Click on Run the install.
Put your user and password on your database.
Put your blog name, admin user, password & e-mail and then click on install WordPress.
A confirmation message will be there. Click on enter.

Put your admin user and password & click on enter.
You will get your admin panel there.
Visit from your domain so you will get a page like following one.
Thank you all.

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