Website development with JOOMLA: part 5

Hello friends… thank you for staying with us from the first part. Those who missed our last any part, can check out from flowing-
At first, open your browse and type localhost/technotoons/administrator on the address bar. Press enter, then you will be asked for a username and password. Your username is admin, and password is 123456. Login to the control panel of your website. Click on Extension>install/uninstall from the drop down menu. Just like the following figure-
By clicking on it, you will see the following figure
Browse your template by clicking on the marked option of the above image. Then click on uplpad and install.
Within a few moments, your template will be installed and you will get a success report. Now you have to apply the installed template. For this you have to click on Extension>Template manager from the drop down menu. So that, you will see all the templates.
Click on the radio button of the newly installed template and click on default, which is placed on the upper right corner of the page. Now open a new tab and type, localhost/technotoons. Then press enter. You will see that, your template has been changed.
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