1971 by Humayun Ahmed

‘1971’ is a liberation war novel. The book is written by Humayun Ahmed.The writer tell in this book about the real situation in 1971. "The writer describes a true situation of a village of Bangladesh during the liberation war in 1971. This is a story of Pakistan soldier’s cruelty. By reading the book, we can imagine what actually was happened at that time in the villages of Bangladesh. Humayun Ahmed wrote from his experience at that time. Some Pakistan soldier’s came to a village to find some freedom fighters . They murdered some innocent people, raped children, and burned houses ….." You can download the book free by clicking the below link..

Book Name  :   1971 ( ১৯৭১ )
Writer          :   Humayun Ahmed ( হুমায়ুন আহমেদ )
Book Type   :   Muktijuddho
Published     :  January, 1993
Page             :   60
Download Link : Click here to Download Free ( 7 MB, mediafire )

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