Bangladesh The land of six seasons : Late Autumn

In Hemanto, the gentle breeze start blowing and make people busy with harvesting their crops of hard labour and the whole rural Bangladesh bursts into harvest festivals with smiles all around heralding the start of celebrations and gaiety with good harvest. And the natural gentle breeze spreads the scent of new paddy all around driving away penury of even the hardcore poor people’s life, at least for a while. 

The rural Bangladesh then gets busy with processing paddy and store those for a better price, though most farmers are forced to sell their crops just after harvest and repay the loans they took for procuring farm outputs earlier. But after repaying the loans rural Bangladesh gets busy with celebrations of harvest feast and festivals all around organizing Pala Gaan, Kobial gaans, Putul Naach, Jatra and traditional dance fests (Folk song and dance festivals) making rural life real colorful and full of fun.

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