Bangladesh The land of six seasons : Spring

Basanta, the king of nature, is widely celebrated throughout every nook and corner of the country with funfair and gaiety. Just a day after Valentines’ day, the festival of love revered across the world, Rituraj Basanta is celebrated in Bangladesh with riot of colors on all streets of capital and major cities and all university and college campuses.

In Basanta, flowers of different colours and fragrances bloom all around making people love-sick and looking for love. To celebrate the great season that brings new leaf to all the trees and blooming numerous flowers, Dhaka University’s faculty of fine arts celebrate Basanta Utsav at its Bakultal premises every year with presentation of songs and colourful dances, which is participated by tens of thousands of people. The programe is aired live from the spot by different TV channels.

Just by cashing in on the six distinctive seasons and global craze for eco-tourism, Bangladesh could bring in millions of eco-tourists highlighting its unique natural possessions in the age of information technology by positive branding of Bangladesh in the global village.

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