Cox’s Bazar The Longest Natural Beach of Bangladesh

The country’s most unique and pride possession is the world’s longest naturally sloping, sandy and shiny beach in Cox’s Bazar. The beach is around 125 kilometres long which has natural sloping. One can drive through the whole long beach from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf and enjoy the serenity of seashore beauty enjoying such a beautiful journey on Earth and return to their splashy posh hotels back after a day’s drive through such a beautiful shoreline.

The Cox’s Bazar sea beach has all the global splendors of beauty and blessings of nature to greet the globe-totters. And the tourists could enjoy all the spelendours of a sea beach funs like sunbath on sandy beach and surfing with huge waves in the Bay. 

Other than Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Bangladesh’s southern Patuakhali district possesses another beautiful beach which is another God gifted and only place on Earth from where one can watch both the sunrise and sunset from a single beach. In most of the world famous sea beaches one can either see the sunrise or sunset from those beaches, but Kuakata sea beach is the only exception from where tourists can enjoy both the wonderful natural beauty of the sun rise and setting sun into the horizon of the Bay of Bengal.

The Cox’s Bazar’s other attractions are trips to Moheshkhali, Sonadia Dwips and Bangladesh’s only coral islands  the St Martins Islands – the tip on the Bay of Bengal and most beautiful place on Earth in the middle of sea. Another attraction is Dulahazara saffari park. It is a natural sanctuary of many exotic birds and many species of animals and reptiles living on swampy lands in their natural abode in a large protected area.

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