How to write research Paper reference list

Here is the 2nd part of your research. Now you have made your research paper. In the paper you may be used many secondary sources for your writing. You have to mention that reference list at the end of your research paper. You can tell this as bibliography. Here is a sample pattern of a research paper reference list


1.      Barron, A.E., Hilbelink, A., Schullo, S., & Venable, M. (2007, December).
Selecting a Virtual Classroom System: Elluminate Live vs. Macromedia Breeze. MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 3 (4) . Retrieved March 22, 2012 , from

This article presents the analysis of two online, synchronous learning solutions (Elluminate
Live and Breeze), focusing on their  abilities to meet both technical and pedagogical
needs in higher education.

2.      Johnston, J., Killion, J., & Oomen, J. ( 2005 , April ).
Student Satisfaction in the virtual classroom. The internet Journal of Allied Health Science & Practice. 3 (2). Retrieved March 22, 2012, from

This article is literature review that identifies contributor to student satisfaction with online instructions. Key among these contributors is the flexibility within the course and contract with the instructors.

3.      Bothelo, G. ( 2004, August 13 ). Online schools clicking with students.

This article presents a statistical report of the students that includes non school going, school going & e learners. This article also present the real situation of the demand of online classroom.

4.      Concelman, J., & Phelps, M. (n. d. ). Breaking the webinar mindset for effective virtual training.

This article is about author personal survey on the web about weinar vs virtual classroom environment. It also tell about the basic of a virtual classroom and its challenge.

5.      Fallon, G. (2011, December).
Exploring the Virtual Classroom: What Students Need to Know (and Teachers Should Consider) MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 7 (4) . Retrieved March 22, 2012 , from

This study explores the affordances and limitations of an online virtual classroom, Adobe Connect Pro, when used in the learning programmes of two groups of undergraduate and postgraduate education students.

6.      Schullo, S., Siekman, S., & Szydlo, S. (2003, November).
Distance education systems: Choosing the right solution? Paper presented at E­Learn 2003 World Conference on E­Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education, Phoenix, AZ.

This paper tell about the new era of online classroom. What the benefits of online classroom and whats its challenge. It also tell about the choice of our education system and the future classroom.

7.      Lewis, Regina. (2003)  Earning a Degree Online.

This post says about the student preference of online classroom . Why student like online classroom? This post mention some point on online classroom.


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