Captcha for e-mail sign up? whats the behind story

Whenever we try to register with a website or comment on a blog. We are been asked to enter some crazy letters that have been all jumbled up. You know how frustrating it can sometimes. A question may arise here, what are those crazy letter and why do we have to type them in?

  •      What is CAPTCHAand how it Works?
The full form of CAPTCHA is “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. This test assures that the respondent is a human being not a computer generated machine. In simple words, it is a word verification test usually used when we signup in any website or blog. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown below, but current computer programs can't.
  •       The purpose of  CAPTCHA,
The reason websites have  CAPTCHA is spam. Spam is the modern day equivalent of junk mail. That means when you sign up for an E-mail account it has to be checked if the person registering is a real live human being as opposed to a computer program attempting to spam the site. CAPTCHAmay be irritating and meaningless to many of us but actually it helps to protect from different type of malicious attack. It is set up to protect the system from spamming.
  •    Why it is used?  
CAPTCHA,can be used for following practical security.
Ø  Preventing Comment Spam in Blogs
Ø   Preventing Dictionary Attacks.
Ø  Protecting Website Registration.
Ø  Worms and Spam. 
It is used in yahoo, hotmail, Gmail and other sites for getting less spamming. Though hotmail always says less spam, but actually no one is able protect spamming.AS there is always anti-security against security. Otherwise NEWTON would be proved wrong as he said “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.hahahaha…

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