A Common Solution for AVRO

Though today’s post is not necessary for everyone still its useful who doesn’t know.
We all know AVRO.

There is nobody who use internet but doesn’t know about AVRO. It brings a revolution in typing Bangla.Its usage is also very easy. This is one of the reasons of its popularity.But sometimes normal users cannot type properly after installing its new version (5.1) because of its different keyboard LAY-OUT.

Because in that version, it doesn’t have the lay-out of BIJAY (which keyboard we usually use).There is a very easy way to solve this problem. Let’s see what it is…
At first click HERE to download the EXE file (2MB) and install it.
Then start AVRO and select the LAY-OUT.

Now you can type Bangla by from your keyboard as like as BIJAY.
░░░░There has been some changes in 2places of LAY-OUT for the limitation of copyright░░░░
I hope it will help you. Thank you everyone..

Download link : 

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