Essential safety for your laptop

Many of us use laptop. And most of the time we lay-down ourselves as well as the laptop in the bed while operating it. If we notice at that time, we will find that our laptop becomes very hot. People, who are habitual with this type of tendency, are in danger!!  Share this post and make others aware
A 25years old person was habitual with the same habit of putting his laptop in the bed. He had to pay for this by losing his life. He was the only one child of the parents. Just after completing the MBA he returned to his parents. Both the parties were very happy and had breakfast together. After a while, son said to the father that he want to go to the hostel and bring back his necessary things which were left in there. Father asked him to stay in the home for a while, until his mother comes back from market because, he also had to go to the outside. 

After a few hours both of his parents came back home and saw their house was burning. The fire service was trying to control the fire. They also saw the dead body of their son was in the ambulance beside their burning house. The neighbors told they did not know anything. They just saw the fire broke out and soon after that, they call 911. 

The head of the fire service informed that, victim was in the shower, keeping the laptop turn on. And the laptop was on the bed, for that the hot air could not come out and the bed sheet was scorching. And the fire broke out.
The burnt laptop is following-

Do not get worried! Every problem comes with its own solution… some ideas are following-
  • Start using laptop cooler. Especially when you are habituated to put the laptop on the divan. You can easily get it from that shop, where computer is traded. You have to assure that, the cooler is working properly.
  • If you don’t get any cooler, then make the backside aloft by putting any book or diary under the laptop. As if the ‘built in fan’ can work properly and keep the laptop cool.

*you have to make sure that; the book which is to be located under the laptop might be slender. It will be best to set books both the front and back side of the laptop. Otherwise the hard disk, DVD ROM, fan will be hampered for the bending position of the laptop.
  • The bottom of the laptop and the laptop holder must have some space between them. You have to lay down the laptop in such a way, that the fan can work.
  • Any kind of plastic thing can never be placed under the laptop.
  • Never turn on the laptop for the full night. Even you should avoid sleep mood also. You can use the auto shut-downer.
  • ·         In case of downloading, you should use the option ‘shutdown when download is finished’. You can use idm5 build14.

Thank you for reading this toon. Be careful, be safe………

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