How to use hidden theme of windows 7

How are you guyzz? Today’s topic is very simple still writing on it for those friends who doesn’t know it. At the time of setting windows 7 we see there are some themes set as default in personalize menu. We usually use these themes.

There are some more hidden themes of windows 7.lets see how to use them.

At first go to the search option. Then type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT and search it.

Your windows explorer will show you some new themes. These themes are form Great Britain, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

You can select wallpaper or install theme from here.

To install theme it just needs double click. It will be added in “Personalization” pane of your “My Themes”.
Sooooooooo… you can enjoy the hidden themes of windows 7.Thanks everyone.
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