How To Remove WordPress Stats Smiley Face From Homepage Footer

JetPack is a fairly new WordPress feature that allows some of the tools found on freely hosted blogs to work on self hosted blogs. The goal of jetpack is to bring eight of the most requested features available on to the millions of self-hosted WordPress sites in one easy-to-install curated package. Anyway, the most unpleasant feature of this plug-in is the world-famous smiley face (icon) which sometimes drives bloggers crazy while trying to disable it.
The smiley face is used to help track stats on a page. Like many other bloggers who don’t like its addition at the footer of every page on a site. So they want to remove it like me. Here comes a question of having any problem of tracking stats after removing it? Of course not!


To remove it you simply need to check this box -

    1)    AT first enter at your admin panel and click on the icon of JETPACK.

    2)    Then click on CONFIGURE from Stats box.

    3)    Mark-Hide the stats smiley face image from smiley option and click on Save Configuration.
    4)    That’s it! Now go to your site and check it. Smiley face has gone.

Alternatively, you can do it by editing CSS. And to do that, this following line of CSS code to your CSS stylesheet (stylesheet.css):

img#wpstats { display:none; }

Thank you!

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