How to select all friends in facebook with one click

Everything in facebook is now with new timeline. Now the original referenced select all scripts no longer working in our browser. All of the previous scripts are dead for fan page now. But so what? Google chrome supplemented a new way to select all friends in facebook with one click. The invitation system in facebook is rather boring to me. You have to select every friends manually. For those who have more than 1000 friends its very much difficult for him. Here is a tricks to solve of this problem. So now you don't need to copy/paste Javascript code into the web browsers, just you've to install the extension on your Google chrome browser then a "Select All" button will always become visible in the facebook invitations windows.

Lets See How To Add Facebook Select All Extension In Google Chrome :

  • Open your Google Chrome browser, Now go to this link for downloading chrome extension.

  •  After enter chrome extension site, look at the top left side search box & type there Auto Select All Facebook Friends and press "Enter" keyboard button.
  • Wait few seconds. You will see so many extension in there. You've to select  "Auto Select All Facebook Friends"  extension from them & click on the "+ Add To Chrome"
  • Now Confirm this extension, just click on "Add" button.

  • Now go to your facebook fan page and click on Invite friends
  • When the invitation window come up, click on Recent Interaction then select Search All friends
  • Now your facebook friend-list all friends viewing in this window for select.

  • Just click on the "Select All" button and see the magic ( This may take awhile to run depending on how many FB friends you have. It can take up to 10 minutes for users with 5,000 Facebook friends )
  • After auto select all, Press "Submit" button

Done ! You'll get an invitation sent pop-up confirmation message.

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