How to select all your facebook friends in one click to invite friends.

The invitation system in facebook is rather boring to me. You have to select every friends manually. For those who have more than 1000 friends its very much difficult for him. Here is a tricks to solve of this problem. It will work 100% for your facebook event invitation only.. But keep in mind that dont use this tricks simultaneously at a time. In that case facebook will track you. With facebook new style of 2012 it will work. Its tested on march 31 , 2012. So don't worry.It will work for you .

How to select all your friends at once:

1) Use Firefox latest version / version 6.

2) Open your facebook fan page.

3) Click on “Invite friends”.

4) The grid of friends is opened.

5) Select “Search all friends” and scroll down, so all your friends are loaded.

6) Press Ctrl+Shift+K.

7) A firefox panel is opened on the top of the page, here you can put the javascript code (put the two lines in a single line):

elms=document.getElementById('pop_content').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){elms[fid].click();}}

This code will select each friend and perform a click on it.

8) Press “enter”.

9) Wait the selecetion (it could take some minute).

10) Press “submit”.

You are done. It will take some times by facebook to deliver all your invitations, actually it depends on your friends amount. Best idea is that wait about 2 hours and then check again whether the requests has sent or not by facebook. If you find friend requests did not send then again apply the above tricks.

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