How to set-up your google adsense account

Set up google adsense is much easier than your first thought. You can earn much money from your google adsense account. Here is my sample check from google -
google adsense 1
Step #1
At first Click here , then you will be re-directed to google adsense home page. Click Sign Up Now. Registration page will come, fill up the form very carefully. After filling up the form you are almost done.

google adsense 2

Step #2
You will have to 3-4 days for google respond. By this time google will mail you in your e-mail account. In that e-mail you will gt the confirmation whether you site approved or not. If your site has approved then go to this page by clicking here . Then click adsense setup. then do the following step: Adsense for content>Click continue> Select format, colour>Click continue>Again click continue>Give a name>Click submit and get code.

google adsense 3

Step #3
Now you will see a box where you will find your adv code. Copy all.

google adsense4

Step #4
Now log in with your user name and password. If you are in blogger login there and then do the following- Design–> Layout –> Add a gadget –> HTML Java Script. In here paste the code which you copied in previous step.

google adsense 5

Now click save. Ta da you are done. Keep in mind that dont publish google adsense in your blog more than 3 places.

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