Increase the fan of your facebook fan page

Today I will discuss an effective way of increasing fan in the face book fan page.
Firstly you have to register yourself in the website, (youlike hits ). As you get registered, you will get bonus 50points. The main advantage of this site is, you can get 50points by login everyday and by clicking the button, ‘Claim 50 Free Points Daily!’ moreover you can gain points by liking others face book pages, following twitter, subscribe to ‘you tube’, and also visiting in other websites. You can gain 100points also by doing referral.
Now let’s talk about the use of those points which you gain. You have to give your face book address by clicking on the FB button which is located below ‘your settings’, on the left side of the website. Next you have to add the fan page of which fan is needed to be increased. You can add your fan page from Add aPage which is located below the website. Here you have to fix on point for every like.
By this way you will be able to develop the number of fans of your fan page.

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