Start the computer using key board.

Though it is known to all, I am sharing it again.
Normally for starting the computer, we have to press the power button of CPU. But if the power button does not work for any reason, the computer may turn to disable. In this situation you can easily start your computer by using the key board, instead of thinking about the CPU power button. 

1)Firstly, in the running mode of your computer you have to press the delete button of key board. 
2)After a while a bios page will appear on your monitor screen. From that page, you have to press ‘power management setup’. 
3)Next you have to select ‘power on my keyboard’, and then press ‘enter’. 
4)Then press your password and select ‘enter’ again. 
5)You have to choose a ‘key’ randomly while giving your password. 
6)Finally you have to press the button ‘F10’ and come out from the key board.
 From the next time you can easily start your computer by pressing your chosen key.

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