Your Facebook Pictures more artistic more special

Now-a-days facebook is widely used to share pictures with friends, family and others. This topic is about facebook application to make your pictures even more special, artistic and different.
An application that beautifully presents the pictures that is just what we want. This is called Loupe.

LOUPE will shape your pictures like anything you want.Like,your pictures will be shaped as a butterfly or a penguine. Isn’t it stunning!!
To use this application , at firtst click Get Started button.
To find pictures click on New button.
To use your facebook pictures click on Connect With Facebook ,or you can use web service as TWITTER or TUMBLR.
If you want to select picture from from facebook account, then select from DROP-DOWN menu – from where you want to pick picture : like, your profile or your friend’s album.....
After selecting one , click on Done
To add more photos click on +Photos
After selecting pictures, choose the shape you want to.
Click on Share button when it is done. You can share it on your wall, can save it as an album or can share it in any website by copying the address.
It is great and sometimes funny experience to present the pictures in various shapes by Loupe . Just try it...believe me , you won’t be disappointed!!

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