Hack facebook id easily

Are you searching for any software to hack facebook ID? If your answer is yes then this post is only for you!! There are many facebook hacking software on internet. May be you have seen many of this.Where following kind of instruction is given usually:
  • Download the software & install it in your computer.

  • Enter your e-mail ID & password.

  • Enter your victim’s e-mail ID.
That’s it!! You will get your desired password.
 Here, I want to ask you a question. Do you really think you will be able to hack any ID in this way? Lolzz.. You know what?  Have you realized you are already trapped in?  Don’t think like a child. Think as a hacker then you will gotta understand it.
Now, come to the point. What this “hacking software” really is? 

Well, actually there is no software in the world what can help you in hacking only with entering an email ID there. So what you have seen is fake & only fake. These software are made for newbs (new hacker). Hackers upload this software in different sites so that newbs get trapped in. When you install this software in your pc, there will be automatically installed Trojan horse, spyware or key logger that will leak all of your information to the hacker or will destruct your pc. So if you really want hack any facebook ID then you can follow these ways what can actually help you.
  • Phising method.
  • Software key-logger. 
  • Hardware key logger.

  • Using fireship.

  • By stealing cookie.

  • With the help of social engineering.

  • By hacking e-mail ID (by attacking brute force or dictionary).
Will you use those hacking software anymore? Well,It’s completely your wish.

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