Apply some tricks on your facebook Timeline

Facebook has upgraded their profile page with a new outlook. I think all of you already known with that look. Yessss…I am talking about timeline. Timeline is a repository for your personal information. It looks like a scrap book of the user & it’s more eye-catching than previous look. So it’s becoming more & more popular day by day.

Mark Juckerberg has launched “ Facebook timeline”  last year at San Francisco, USA. After experimenting for several days it has been opened for all. According to Facebook blog people who haven’t activate timeline yet on their profile will get it soon automatically. Though this new outlook seems complex to many & they can’t understand what to do with it. Here we are for you guys.

At first let’s talk about some features of timeline.

7days for review:
 If you upgrade your profile to timeline you will have 7 days more for to publish it. This time is given to make your timeline an attractive one. But you can publish it anytime you wish. Or if you want to wait then it will be published automatically after 7 days.

An attractive cover photo does magic for you:
At Facebook Timeline feature, the cover photo is something new. It is most attractive feature of timeline. Though profile picture is used everywhere but as cover photo is large in size and placed at the top of the timeline, so an attractive cover photo can reach you a different level to your friends. 

No new information is shared:
Timeline isn’t adding new information if you haven’t add any. It is just presenting your previous information with a new look.

Your privacy setting will be same:
You need not set your privacy for timeline again. Your previous privacy setting will exist there too. So, nothing to worry about your privacy,man!!

Important posts will be highlighted in large view:
Timeline will highlight your most attractive & important posts with large view. It will be determined on the basis of like & comments.

Best way of editing timeline:
Facebook has opened a helping page named activity log. You can go there from your timeline. You can check here all of your posts, likes etc. If you don’t want anything showing on your timeline just remove that from here.

Only for you:
If you want any post showing on your timeline can’t see anybody but you. Set “only me” option on that post.

Users can add important events:
There is an advantage to select date at the time of posting anything. So, if you upload any picture of previous days you can add date of that time.  And that will be added on your timeline along with that date.

It’s time to be updated:
Facebook timeline will be activated for all either you want it or not. So, better activate it now and decide how you will present it to your friends, colleagues and friends.

So what are you waiting for?  

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