Beware from online earning sites. It’s nothing but deception

There has been set up some Bangladeshi companies for some days that deceiving general people & students.

Some of them are:




  • & many more.

This companies doing nothing but selling the dream of ‘get-rich-quick’ among people, doing brain-drain to young generation & actually they own billions of money. It just cost people a lot of money and after fulfilling their need they disappear by deceiving everybody. The last name included in this list is

Not only there was some more companies in this list who went out of business making billions of money.Like:

  • Club Asteria

  • Speak Asia & many more.

But still general people making fool themselves involving with these fraud.
But have you ever think? There has been deposited some money in your account. Now where from your company will return you this amount? May be you can reply, “I will take it transferring from another”. But I will say you are doing mistake again because no one will buy it because Addclick has stopped joining new member. Another idea can come to your mind: I will take that from bank or online payment processor. But Mr.  just try it once!

How this MLM (multi level marketing) business runs:
Let, you are a member of MLM Company. You will get tk.10 as commission to join up 1 member in your downline & will get more Tk.10 for joining up 2 members. You will get more tk. 10 for matching them. That means you paid the company tk.100 by yourself & more tk.200 by joining up more 2 members. That means you paid tk. 300 in total & the company paid & you tk.30 as commission. And they got tk.270. If you think this statistics for several levels you will realize, after sometime you will not actually paying the company anymore because you already got enough money in your account by click, joining & matching bonus. Other members are signing up in your downline by your account money. That means in that time the company got no profit & only loss. As a result, they go out of business.

You may ask here that the company gets enough money from their daily advertisement & they pay us from that amount. Just think, you are paid tk. 0.15 per advertisement daily. Why any company will pay tk. 0.15 visiting 30sec in any PTC site? If the visit is unique then it is ok. Google manages ads in many websites by Google AdSence but they don’t pay if the visit is not unique. So what you are seeing on these sites all fake.
So my only advice is…guyzz..beware of it!

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