Easy solution to delete virus attacked file

Have you ever run into a condition where you wanted to delete a file, but you couldn’t do it. Sometimes we face this problem especially with virus attacked files or folders. It’s so annoying, isn’t it? But now you can delete those files by a small software named “Unlocker”. Unlocker will make things right again for you.

  • Now select the file you wanted to download & click right-button to go to Unlocker option.

  • If there appears any window box as Unlocker then select all files from there.

  •  If you have selected many files then you have to click on Unlock all.

  • Or, if there is only one file then click on Unlock. Again select the file which you want to delete & press right-button & go to Unlocker option. 
  • Select delete from menu & click on OK
I hope this post will help you to get rid of those hard to delete files!

Moreover you can rename any file with this software.

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