Get the ultimate screen-print professional software and start editing anything

Screen Hunter Pro 6.0.833, is a screen-print software. If you have this 10MB sized software, then you don’t need to have another! Now you can get it free with the serial key..!

With the help of this software, you can do the following-
  • ·         You can edit video, picture, webpage etc.
  • ·         You will get developer support, multiple hotkey, flexible hotkey, direct printing.
  • ·         High quality and transparent GIF, optimized JPEG, GIF and PNG, automatic naming and saving to files, auto email, saving in the smallest file size etc are the saving options.
  • ·         The best resizing, advanced image processing etc are viewing features.

How to use-

There is an option, named full screen. Check that and press F6 from your keyboard.
Check the option, rectangular area, and then select your desired area by mouse and get your screenprint.

Get the software from the following link-

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