How to Transfer Data from One PC to Another through Wi-Fi

May be a few people have used the Oldish Infrared technology. But all of we are used to transfer files through Bluetooth. But either infrared or Bluetooth, no one can transfer files very quickly. We know infrared does it very slowly but even Bluetooth takes minimum 15minutes to transfer only 10MB.So, except transferring small files it’s pretty much bothering using Bluetooth.

Now-a-days we all are familiar with the new technology named Wi-Fi. Now Wi-Fi is given in every laptop as built-in. As a result its popularity is increasing day by day. But many of us only know the use of Wi-Fi as sharing/using internet. At the very beginning I was also at unknown that Wi-Fi can also be used for transferring data. But it was normal because there wasn’t any easy way to transfer files through Wi-Fi. It was only possible for experts.

Many of you already used this software named connectify for internet sharing through Wi-Fi. Because it’s just amazing in this field!
And the best thing is, now this software is not only limited in net sharing. Recently it has added new features in their new version 3.3.So, through Wi-Fi file transferring becomes more easy n quicker now with this software.

There are two versions of Connectify-
  • Lite
  • Pro
In version-lite you will be able to transfer one file only one time a day. It is being used for net sharing yet .But Pro version is just unlimited!!So who want to purchase, click here to purchase it for $29.Otherwise follow the installation process given below.

Installation & cracking process:
  • After downloading install ConnectifyInstaller.exe file to your computer. And restart your pc from installation.Beside the clock at the status bar, press right button on the icon of Connectify & click on Enter License option.
  • Open the file Read ME.txt   from downloaded folder & define your Email & License Key at Enter License. Then click OK.
  • Copy the Administrator.ui.xml file From downloaded folder & paste it at the folder located in
          %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Connectify\settings (Windows XP)

           %PROGRAMDATA%\Connectify\settings (Windows 7 & 8 ) .

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc & open the file
  • Hosts on notepad & type-  at the footer .

NOTE- If there occur any problem in editing the file Hosts then, at first go to Control Panel/User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts on Windows Explorer & click on
Change User Account Control Settings.

After that go below to Never Notify & click OK.If confirmation is needed there press Yes. If it asks for restart the computer, do it.

Now you can edit the Hosts file.
·         Wow! You have installed & cracked Connectify successfully.

How to transfer files & share net from one computer to another

You have already done the main task. So, now it’s very easy to transfer file & net sharing….
·         At first open the software & click on Start Hotspot (in case of sharing net you have to select Automatic from Internet to Share).

·         Now go to the other computer you want to you want to transfer files or share net & search Wi-Fi. So that you will get the Access Point of your computer. Connect it. Now you can use the shared internet in this computer.

·         If it is about transferring files then see the following steps.
Ø  Go to your computer. Open connectify. Click on Clients tab.Here you will see the other computer your computer is connected with. Now  drag the file you want to send to & drop that or click on the spot like below's screenshot.& select the file manually.

Ø  There will be a dial box in the other computer like following. Click on save as & show where you want to save it.

Ø  That’s how file transferring has been starting. Speed will be  5-10 MBps.And if the computer is put together it will get more speed.

Ø  Now say  “goodbye” to pen drive J

How to transfer files to mobile from computer

You know it’s easier to transfer files to mobile from computer. Here I am going to discuss about the process of NOKIA. But it will work in other set also.
Ø  Start hotspot through connectify from computer (follow the 1st step of transferring file from pc to pc).
Ø  Go to Settings > Connectivity > WLAN on your mobile (applicable in Nokia. In case of other set connect to Wi-Fi).
Ø  Here you can see the shares connection. Click on Start Web Browsing from option. If there appears Checking Internet Connectivity, cancel it.

Ø  Now drag & drop the file you want to send from your computer to mobile & send it. A dial box will appear there with an address.

Ø  Type the address on your mobile browser & visit it. A page will appear with Files for You. Yes! That will be your shared file. & when you will click on that download will start automatically.

Ø  After a few minutes download will complete!!

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